[PATCH] 30/03/2019


Staff member
Jun 18, 2018
Dear Spirit FlyFF Players,

Hereby the patch of today!

- Increased Vampire drop rate because we've received reports that it doesn't really drop anything.
- Kalgas drop rate is increased due complains about same parts being dropped to many times
- Red Meteo drop rate slightly increased
- Dark Tras and normal tras is now enterable again after the instant DC / Crashes.
- Sneak skill is fixed
- Fixed priests grasp skill
- Removed cooldown from Prevention
- Disabled autotarget due complains
- Added missing beads to the pet tamer
- Fixed description of Bead of the Sorceror
- Increased piercing and element rates due complains
- Patience buff added to /aroundbuff
- Boosted almighty set with temporary boost, stats will be changed asap!

OH and keep in mind, tomorrow is the last day for vote reward!

Happy FlyFFing :D

~ Spirit FlyFF Team