[PATCH] 28/04-2019


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Jan 23, 2019
Yosemite released
-The farming map named Yosemite is now available to enter. In Yosemite, you will find a starting area, and then 3 additional areas. In two of these areas, you will be farming penya. The third area is for Spirit Coins.
-You can buy Yosemite blinkwings for a limited time at the same NPC where you purchase other tickets. (Natchi)
-There is an exciting twist to this however:
Yosemite is a PK-area. Which means you have the option to kill other players in there. This negates AFK-farmers but it also brings a bit of spunk into an otherwise sleepy farming map.

-Be aware however, as you will grab yourself negative karma that'll hurt some aspects of your gameplay.
-A good idea would be to bring a few Elixirs of Forgiveness. Using an elixir will restore your karma points.

Level 60-105 green equipment hunting has been redone.
-NPC's in Flaris will sell you 60-105 green equipment. You need to hunt conqueror tokens from giants and use the tokens to buy greens from the NPCs.
-Conqueror Token (Guaridan) drops from bosses that used to drop guardian weapons, list can be found on the regular flyff wiki.
-Same goes for Historic/Angel/Legend tokens.
-You still hunt the same bosses, but the loot is different.

Part 1 of the custom Vortex questline has been released.
-This is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I plan to take questing to the next level.
-This is part 1 of a storyline I have made up myself. The story line will have more parts that will drop with every patch.
-There will be custom maps and custom bosses/monsters within these questlines, I plan to make entertaining storylines with decent rewards, but I also try to include custom Spirit areas and such, so that new players get a good grasp of things.
-Part 1 starts lightly, but you get a snippet by the end of part 1 as to how the other parts might look.
-Quest begins at [60 Equipment] Ruoboru in Flaris.

Weapon piercing rates have been altered
-Weapon piercing rates were a bit too low, have been raised a bit.

Old Flaris is now back!

ULTIMATE Spirit Cloak now transmuteable

Certain items have seen a price change
-Some items needed to get their price changed, I will continue to alter pricing on things how I see fit, depending on how the market develops.

Remantis Laccotte added to [PREMIUM] shop Natchi.
-They are pretty expensive to begin with, but an option for players who sit on a lot of penya. I will be looking into other ways for players to dump penya on.

Yetti Boxes have been disabled

Double donation point event has begun! Active for 48 hours.