[PATCH] 07/03-2019


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Jan 23, 2019
-New Item Rarity System added
5 Ranks.
All items can randomly drop with any of these rarity levels.
Bobochan now has a function where you can add 2 of the same items, with the same rarity level, for a chance to upgrade the item to the next rarity level.
Example: 1 Bloody Staff, Precious + 1 Bloody Staff Precious = Chance to become Bloody Staff Rare,

BE AWARE, you will need a scroll of RProtect, or else, if the upgrade attempt fails, both your weapons will break. (You can purchase scroll of RProtect from Peach).

1. Common: No additional stats. Chance of upgrading from Common to Precious = 70%.
2. Precious: Attack rate * 1.04. Stats boosted by *1.10. Chance of upgrading from Precious to Rare = 40%
3. Rare: Attack rate * 1.07. Stats boosted by *1.20. Chance of upgrading from Rare to Epic = 25%
4. Epic: Attack rate * 1.10. Stats boosted by *1.30. Chance of upgrading from Epic to Legendary = 11%
5. Legendary: Attack rate * 1.12. Stats boosted by *1.40. Chance of upgrading from Legendary to Mystique = 3%
6. Mystique: Attack rate * 1.15. Stats boosted by *1.50.

-Awake transfer system added
Staff is in agreeance when it comes to augmentation scrolls. This is something we will not see in the near future due to how abuseable it is, and it makes the game a lot easier than we'd like it to be.
Transfer scrolls however have been highly requested and it only makes sense. You don't want to spend all your money on awakes and then not be able to take these awakes you worked on so hard, to your next equipment.
Start Menu ->Spirit->Awake Transfer
Put the item with awakes in first slot, put the item without awakes in the 2nd slot. Put transfer scroll in third slot. Press OK.
Transfer scroll can be found @ Peach.

-Scroll of Reflection added (Not working, dont buy the scrolls until reported as fixed)
We are happy to introduce this super cool feature. Scroll of Reflection will allow you to change the appearence of your weapons. It'll make your weapons shine and make your character look 10x more bad-ass.
This scroll can be found in Event Shop NPC.

-New badge for 130+
We have implemented a new badge for 3rd job.

-New statted pick-up pets added
We've added 5 new pets to the spirit coin npc. They have different stats that'll make them all useful for different purposes.

Pet Name: Ahri
Description: Ahri is your intelligent friend. She is going to increase your magical powers.
INT+15 Increased MP+5% Decreased Casting Time+10%

Pet Name: Fizz
Description: Fizz is going to be your powerful friend. He is going to increase your attack powers.
ICD+10% STR+15 DEX+15

Pet Name: Jax
Description: Jax is going to be your dungeon helper. His stats will help you during dungeon hunting and more!

Pet Name: Malphite
Description: Malphite is going to be your fat buddy. His stats will help you increase your defense.

Pet Name: Zilean
Description: Zilean is going to be your rich friend. He is going to increase your penya rate.
Penya Rate+10%

-New beads added
We felt the beads that we currently have to offer in-game are not that impressive, so we added 5 new beads that should be a bit more useful. They can be found in RC shop.

PVE +10%
ICD +15% All stat +20
HP +15% DEF +5%
PvP 5% IA 10% DCT 10%
Exp 10% Penya Rate 7%

-Added loot to Iblis's Perpetrator (Dark Terasia boss)
This boss is pretty rough, and most players have been curious about his drops. He doens't drop anything other than spirit coins, so we decided to make him more appealing.
Now drops:
All 5 new pick-up pets.
All the Bleacher weapon skins.
Piyoko flying mount.

-Added loot to Ankou
Hunting ankou is part of most high level players dungeon rotation. But you find yourself killing him and not obtaining any new items at times, which is not always very rewarding, but quite fair still.
With the new beads being implemented we decided to make them obtainable not only from NPC, but also huntable from Ankou.

-NPC rework
Our NPC layout has been a bit messy, we decided to clean some of it up.
Minerals are gone. (prems from mineral shop has been moved to RC shop with the other prems.)
Erons are gone. (fashion sets have been moved to regular fashion seller)
All fashion from random npcs have been moved to regular fashion seller as well.
A lot of smaller changes have been done, just to make things less messy.

-Items in Event Shop price lowered
This is most likely our final touch in order to make Potato Lord hunting more appealing.

-New fashion added
We are aware we lack a lot of fashion, we agree and would love to see more. So we decided to add a few new ones, and we plan to add a few sets every patch. Louis Vuitton set fixed.

-New weapon model skins added
Verendous, Cabal and Pokemon weapon skins added to [Model Shop] Wilby.

-Yetti Box updated
Switched to new cloaks, lowered cloak rate. Added all the different color glows. Added amps (this was supposed to always be obtainable but wasn't working).

-Fixed Arenatop100 pingback

-Added Mentalist/Forcemaster 2nd hand to NPC
Force Gem of Roentel and Offrep's Spellbook added to General Lui.

-Donation Shop slightly reworked. (PAYPAL- DOUBLE DP EVENT, ENDS MONDAY)
-Added few stuff, removed some other.

-Kheldor droprate lowered
He dropped waaay more drops than intended.

-Guildsiege Announcement fixed
The GS announcement being spammed for a minute wasn't really optimal, lol.

-Upgrade announcement removed.
Removed due to requests, with PvP closing in, people are more private about their gear and builds, and the need for this isn't that big to begin with.

-Fixed 3rd job icon in buddy list
No explanation needed.

-Anarchy back to original pricing
No explanation needed.
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